What being a friend of Georgia means to me is

What being a friend of Georgia means to me is a spirit of nationhood unique in the world. A vitality and passion for life unparalleled. I have never met a Georgian who’s glass is half empty, it must always be filled to the brim with a joy for life. To many of us from the west Georgia’s footprint on our world is slight and I often feel her struggle with the tyranny of Russia has suppressed her prospects in the world community. Georgia’s transition to independence and prosperity continues to be tough but I firmly believe the immerging generation has the commitment and energy for change and their time will come. So stand fast Georgia ,stay true to your origins. Never give up what it means to be Georgian, your traditions and position in the world make you unique. The west is not to be copied so strike your own tune as only Georgians can. You will succeed and the world will cherish a land I have grown to love.